When entering into civil transactions, commercial business, the entities all want to maximize their benefits. Thus, if their interest is infringed, transaction failure, all the parties fail to meet the desired objectives and effectiveness, the dispute will occur as an inevitable consequence.

There are many different ways to resolve dispute such as negotiating, asking participation of third party to mediate, asking the lawful judgement from/of State authority. Whichever way is used, the role of a prestigious, professional Law Firm is extremely important to optimally protect the interests of their clients.

Established more than 10 years ago, constantly improving and specializing the team of Lawyers, Legal Analysts with high professional qualification, dynamic, reputation and loyalty, TAPHALAW is always committed to be a steady and reliable system for customers.

TAPHALAW provides a wide range of legal services including: 

Judicial proceedings

Being the authorized representative or defense counsel of lawful rights and interests of a party in order to participate in proceedings of court in several fields such as civil, marriage and family, commercial business, labor and employment and other legal issues.

Arbitration Procedures

Participating in the arbitration proceedings as authorized representative or defense counsel of lawful rights and interests of disputing parties.

Outside Proceedings

Legal consulting services, authorized representative and / or legal representative for customers in the process of negotiation, dispute resolution related to the establishment, exercise and termination of transactions.