Nowadays, in order to be successful in business, in addition to professional knowledge, you also need knowledge of Laws. For a long time, Enterprises haven’t paid due attention to the laws of business, detailed rules regarding operating conditions, rights and obligations with competent state agencies. There are many reasons, but the most reason is many enterprises pay much attention to business operations, sales revenue and market development policies. Enterprises do not have much time and human resources to focus on legal. In fact, there are many enterprises that have weakened, collapsed or been in difficulties because of the troubles from the law, from compulsory regulations but accidentally forgotten.

From the above statements, with the seniority of business consulting activities and court proceedings, TAPHALAW understands the legal problems that enterprises have been and will suffer without proper attention, timely consultation. By this letter, TAPHALAW hopes to contribute a part of our attempts to your development process. We provides legal services in a wide range of different sectors such as:

  • Dispute Resolution (Court proceedings at all levels) – Legal advice
  • Monthly consulting enterprises (providing private lawyer)
  • Registration:  Trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, handling violations on intellectual property
  • Announcement: Cosmetics, Healthfood.
  • Investment consulting, Business registration certificate.
  • Applying for a certificate of ability for food’s hygiene and safety.
  • Apply for multi-level marketing license, alcohol, gasoline, chemicals, starred standard hotel.

With high professional expertise, legal knowledge and close cooperation with authorities, TAPHALAW always affirms the quality of service when committed to our clients. Let your enterprise steady development with solutions, commitments and responsibilities of TAPHALAW in providing the best legal services. 

The lawyers and Associate at TAPHALAW were qualified as first-class honoured holders from well-respected universities in Vietnam. They are young, dynamic and well-equipped team. TAPHALAW always affirms our reputation with you through scientific, accurate working methods and a sense of respect for customers. 


Best regards!