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Established more than 10 years ago, constantly improving and specializing the team of Lawyers, Legal Analysts with high professional qualification, dynamic, reputation and loyalty, TAPHALAW is always committed to be a steady and reliable system for customers when asking TAPHALAW’s staffs to participate in legal proceedings as various capacities.



  • Being the authorized representative or defense counsel of lawful rights and interests of a party in order to participate in proceedings of court in several fields such as civil, marriage and family, commercial business, labor and employment and other legal issues.
  • Participating in legal proceedings as defense counsels for the accused and defendants in the process of settling cases at competent authorities such as Police Investigation Department, People’s Procuracy and People’s Courts.
  • Participating in legal proceedings as protectors of legitimate rights and benefits for victims, persons incurring interests and duties from criminal lawsuits.


Participating in the arbitration proceedings as authorized representative or defense counsel of lawful rights and interests of disputing parties.

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    Multi-Level Marketing Consultancy Services

    APPLY FOR A MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING REGISTRATION TAPHALAW provides a wide range of support services for foreign and domestic investors in the process of registering multi-level...

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    APPLY FOR A LIQUOR BUSINESS LICENSE Alcohol business, including: production, import, distribution, wholesale, retail alcohol; on-site sales of consumer liquor. Alcohol business belongs to the...

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    Intellectual property

    PATENTS/ UTILITY SOLUTIONS Paperwork process – Business license. – Declaration for registration of patent / utility solution (in the form). – Description of the patent/utility...

  • Bailiff

    Implementing the policy of socialization of civil judgment enforcement, since 2009, the legal institution of Bailiff was restored in Vietnam. From then on, the Bailiff...