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Business Consultancy Services


With deep experience and understanding of the law as well as the business and investment environment in Vietnam, TAPHALAW can support clients with the most useful legal advice in the fields of domestic and foreign investment, including:

  • Consulting on establishment of 100% foreign-owned enterprises, joint ventures, joint stock companies, limited liability companies, branches, representative offices, etc.
  • Consulting on amendment of investment registration certificate, business registration certificate. 
  • Consulting on applying for the business license of goods trading and related activities, License for setting up retail establishments.


We support market research and evaluate the benefits and risks of the business based on the government’s investment policies.

In many cases, we are experienced in convincing local authorities and stakeholders to reach an agreement, resolve problems and contribute to the success of the Client’s business.

We are proud of our ability to assist Clients in negotiating and implementing related post-licensing procedures to identify and minimize risks and ensure full compliance with the laws in Vietnam. 


We provide customer support services including:

  • Drafting and reviewing agreements, contracts and legal documents of enterprises;
  • Drafting, consulting and developing processes and regulations within enterprises;
  • Developing documents, contracts, legal documents (precedence) for long-term and stable use in the business;
  • Advising on dispute resolution and legal issues related to the day-to-day operation of the business; 
  • Supporting law-abiding work and internal processes for businesses;
  • Legal advice in the fields of product registration, advertising, etc.
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