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Legal consutant


Our purpose is sustainable development and professional operation. Therefore, we are co-operating with affiliated organizations in our system to serve customers under a closed model. Also, we would like to expand our service throughout Vietnam.

I. Legal consultancy on inheritance

1. Counsel on inheritance

– Counsel on rights of inheritance, heirs.

– Legal consultancy on time and place of commencing inheritanc, time when rights and obligations of heirs arise.

– Legal consultancy on determining bequeathe estates

– Legal consultancy on rights and obligations of administrators of estates.

– Legal consultancy on depriving an heir of the right to inherit the estate and disclamer of inheritance

2. Legal consultancy on inheritance under wills

– Legal consultancy on formalities for wills and method of making legal wills;

– Legal consultancy on drafting wills;

– Be a withness or support clients to make a will in people committees or notary offices;

– Legal consultancy on rights and obligations of testaters;

– Legal consultancy on mutual will of husband and his spouse;

– Legal consultancy on custody of wills.

3. Legal consultancy on inheritance at law

– Legal consultancy on inheritance in accodance with the order of priority of inheritance;

– Legal consultancy on bequeathed estates distribution procedure;

– Legal consultancy on rights and obligations of persons entitled to inherit;

– Legal consultancy on special cases such as: inheritance relations between adopted children and adoptive parent(s); inheritance relations between stepchildren and their stepparent(s); inheritance where wives and husbands have devided multiple ownership property, have applied for divorce or have remarried;

4. To participate in civil procedure to protect legitimate rights and interest of clients related to inheritance

– Counsel on limitation periods with respect to inheritance;

– Counsel on ligitation procedures;

– Appointing lawyers to participate in litigation in order to protect rights and interests of clients.

II. Legal consultancy on housing law, land law, real estate trading law

III. Legal consultancy on labor law

IV. Legal consultancy on mariage and family law

1. Counsel on divorce procedure

– Counsel on divorce procedure

– Counsel on division of property after divorce

– Counseling to resolve issues related to custody and support after divorce

– Appoint a lawyer to participate in litigation to protect the rights and interests of the client in case of a property dispute and the children upon the divorce

2. Consultation on adoption procedures

– Counsel on the condition of the person to be adopted

– Counsel on the condition of the adopter

– Counsel on procedure for registration of adoption

– Counsel on procedures of terminating the adoption

– Advising on adoption procedures involving foreign elements

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